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Dee Howe


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Dee Howe offers help and healing through integrative body work in order to assist you in your journey with your equine. She offers helpful articles, traveling consultation and many forms of alternative therapies as well as rider physical therapy and training for the horse and rider team.

 "This is a building process. Each link adds to the big picture of understanding how one can apply the integrative body work and improve their riding and training program. This program is designed to add to what you already know." -Dee H.   


As you read through this web site, I want to emphasize that this is a personal testimony only just my point of view based on my life's experiences. My desire is to add to what you already know. Without reservations, I choose to share some of my thoughts with you. By sharing it, I hope that you can enhance your knowledge, too. Please take them with a grain of salt. The focus is health and healing, however, in the process, other things may arise. When it comes to the material covered, my objective is to give you a broader picture, showing many ways to approach an issue.


These are my thoughts and experiences about what I've learned in my life. Although I would like to keep my site enchantingly perfect, the harsh reality is that some of the better lessons that I have experienced, reveals personal bad judgment calls. I can say that the sayings "It's not what happens, it's what you do with it" & "patience is a virtue" have truly enhanced my life. So, like anyone afraid to stick their name out there, I humbly offer my services. I pray that I can meet your needs. It is not about me. It is about you and whomever you are looking to help.

Sincerely, Dee Howe

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A special thanks to everyone for being a part of our lives and we wish you many blessings ten-fold.

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